Chestnut Storeys, is a state-of-the-art design studio that epitomises signature luxury. It specialises in avant-garde interior and exterior solutions for residential, commercial, hospitality and retail spaces, as well as personalised accents and reliefs for a stir of eclecticism. Equipped with an evolved flair for accentuating staid spaces with impassioned drama, skillfully articulating small elements and adding the right amount of artistic hint this young practice has redefined couture living across India.

Every project achieves an inimitable balance between a cosmopolitan stance and a starkly opulent flavour. Creating a fine balance of understand-drama and comfort these made to order avant-garde designs from Chestnut Storeys is sure to add an international ambience to your home and work space. From contemporary to art deco interiors, we believe in experimentation with different styles.

Understanding a client’s vision and translating it into exquisite home furniture, furnishing and interiors is a key stimulus for each project. Currently, Chestnut Storeys is working its wonders across several cities in India and have managed to land a slew of high profile projects. Not just India, but the brand kick started their first international project too in 2020.

Farah Agarwal

Farah Agarwal, the founder and principal of Chestnut Storeys, a leading interior design brand in chennai, brings a refreshing perspective and an infectious energy to the industry through her designs. Creating multi-lateral designs through experiments in commercial, residential and retail spaces, Farah and her team focus on developing significant experiences that can be associated with the space. Launched in 2014 as a premium design house, Chestnut Storeys has already gained a bevy of high–profile clients and an unparalleled reputation in the field of luxury design and decor.

The quality of her design style and execution has earned Farah international recognition with multiple design and leadership accolades. While she hopes to upend the industry with her subtle yet spirited design ideas, her main goal is to create a space that is aesthetically significant yet personal to the client and what they desire. The beauty of creation, as she sees it, lies in being one with the space and allowing for the space to transform the idea and design, as opposed to the other way round.

Celebrating duality through sparks of the avant garde whisked in with intuitive spaces, Farah has created a signature style that she uniquely implements in each project. A belief that her designs must grow organically and assume idiosyncratic identities, allows her to experiment and marry elements, colours and textures in distinctive ways. Rejecting the ‘cookie-cutter’ design ideology as a rule, Farah conceptualises every project as an extension of the client themselves, customised and personalised through flair and function.